Want to make some easy money this spring?

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We all know the importance of presentation when you want to make a good impression!  Whether it’s your grooming, how you dress or the car your driving…. If you are suitably presented and prepared for the occasion things just seem to effortlessly fall into place!

It’s the same deal when it comes to selling or renting your home or for that matter impressing the outlaws during your annual Xmas get together.

In real estate creating the perfect impression can make all the difference between securing or losing the sale or even achieving tens of thousands of dollars above your reserve at auction.

Of course doing a big renovation will make a big impression but it will also blow a big hole in your budget which you might not capitalise on when selling or renting your home. It is better to look for improvements which don’t cost the earth but give you a big bang for your buck!

A great way to do this is dress up your windows with new blinds from Veneta! Australian homes traditionally have large and numerous windows so updating your blinds will have a big impact on the look and feel when you walk into any room, plus choosing the right blinds will also add to your home’s street appeal. 

Which blinds should I choose? When selecting your window coverings, it is important to first consider their function. Will they provide the family with enough privacy, what light, ventilation and access do I need to consider, do I want to enjoy the view during the day or use the blind to screen an unsightly view. Only after you have addressed these questions are you ready to choose the style and colour of blinds that best suit your home’s décor.

This month our partner Veneta Blinds is offering a fantastic deal to all Coronis’ clients giving you the opportunity to update your tired or out dated window coverings, adding thousands of dollars to your home in readiness for a successful sale or just for you to enjoy a cool afternoon escape from the scorching summer sun.