What Is Fair Wear And Tear

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Looking after a rental property is a shared responsibility between the tenants and the landlords or property managers. But what happens when maintenance and repairs are needed?

That depends on what has been damaged, and how.

Fair wear and tear is the responsibility of the landlords or property managers. This covers fixtures and items in the property are deteriorated due to ageing and day-to-day usage. For example:

  • paint fading over time
  • scuffed flooring from regular foot traffic
  • old fixtures which have been worn out

Neglectful or even intentional damage is when the tenant damages a part of the property when it could have been avoidable. For example: 

  • carpet stains from spills
  • holes and cracks created in the walls for hanging decor
  • burns on the kitchen countertop

If neglectful damage has been caused to the rental property, the property manager or landlord must be notified as soon as possible for repairs to be arranged. These expenses will usually have to be covered by the tenant. 

It's also the tenant's responsibility to ensure they take out home and contents insurance to cover their personal belongings from damage or loss within the rental property. 

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