What to Look For at the Rental Property Inspection

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When looking at the rental property, there are many factors that can stretch beyond just the first impression and the overall look of the property. It's important to be open-minded and note that fair wear and tear is acceptable. As you get through your first inspection of the prospective home, here's what to look out for. 

Dust and cobwebs

While dust and cobwebs build up naturally, if you notice a large build-up, it may be the sign that the property is not looked after properly. 

Entrance doors

Or all doors in general. Pay attention at handles and how well they function to ensure your safety. 

Car space

When you're at the garage or car space, check how organised it is and how secure the space would be for your car. 

When you go inside the property, there are some basic things that you should devote your attention to:


As you go walk through the property, look at the walls to see if there're any cracks. If you see small cracks in the wall, that might be just paint crackling away. However, if you notice any large cracks that might be deep, there could be a structural issue with the building that has to be fixed right away. 


When it comes to lights, have a look at them to check if the light fittings have any loose cables and try switching them on and off to see if they work. 

Smoke Alarms

According to the new Smoke Alarm Legislation, all properties should have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms installed in each bedroom and hallways by 1 January 2022.

Floorboards, carpet, surfaces

As you go through your inspection, look at how well the floor is maintained. If there're any big chips or cracks on the surface, you might encounter bigger issues later. If there're any floorboards, listen for creaking sounds and check if the edges are starting to lift. Same goes for the carpet.


The most important thing to check here is to look under the sinks to see if there are any leaks.


Not only the outside condition of cupboards that matters but the inside as well. Pay close attention if there're any insect or rodent droppings inside that can indicate if this is something you'll have to deal with. 

Windows and doors 

When it comes to windows, give them a good test to see how well they open and close, as well as check the condition of the fly screens, if there's any. 

Storage space

If there's a built-in wardrobe, check how well it opens and if it has enough space for you. When you move in, you can always spruce up the space with more storage, like an additional closet, or under-bed storage.

As you inspect the rental property, remember to note everything that you see to be prepared to fill out the Entry Condition Report if you decide to apply for the property.

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