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Farewell but not Goodbye

Today we say farewell but not goodbye to our wonderful Aspley Senior Property Manager, Lyn Soady. After more than 13 years working with our Coronis family, the day has come for our dear Lynny to retire and start the next chapter in her life. On behalf of all of us, your tenants and landlords, we...
if you die without a will

What Happens If I Don't Have A Will?

If you die without a will then you are said to have died "intestate", which means the laws of the state determine what happens to your property and possessions. The state determines who inherits based on the set list. It can vary slightly depending on individual situations (or appeals made after...

Families Drive Demand In Premium Suburbs

Inner-city luxury suburbs of Teneriffe, Newstead and New Farm no longer have the highest median house prices in Queensland after years at the top. Ascot has overtaken these suburbs as the state's most expensive suburb as revealed by CoreLogic. Ascot is more of a family suburb than its predecessors...