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Coronis has launched a trailblazing new profit share program to financially reward and incentivise their Agency Leaders.

Managing Director Andrew Coronis said the new program provided the company’s Agency Leaders with a vested interest in their individual offices and would inspire them to run more productive teams with a strong focus on results.

“I’m really excited about this new program – I have always been passionate about helping my team create personal wealth and financial freedom and I believe this will provide them with more ownership of their office.

“I know a lot of agents aspire to open their own office but can’t afford the upfront cost associated with starting a new business, so this program offers them the opportunity to reap the benefits of running a successful office but without the financial risk.

“The program is available for any Agency Leader / Sales Manager to participate in and they’ll each receive a customised plan based on their office but basically, once the office generates 20 per cent profit, the Agency Leader will receive 50 per cent of the rest of the profit.

“So every Agency Leader who is a running profitable office will earn a salary plus their quarterly bonuses plus their profit share payment so in total, they have the potential to create an excellent lifestyle.

“I know this program has already incentivised our current team of leaders to take ownership of their team’s performance and the office’s productivity so I believe this will be a catalyst for business growth.

“We’re committed to achieving our 2020 goal of 40 offices so this is a great opportunity for any agents who want to build their own personal empire or take their career to the next level and step into a non-selling, mentor role within an office.

“For anyone interested in the profit share program or opening a Coronis office in their marketplace, I’d be happy to meet up for a coffee and discuss their plans.” 


Coronis Sales Manager

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