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Why Coronis building and pest inspections?

A building and pest inspection should be an essential part of buying, selling or renting any property. After all, a lot of properties can have expensive structural, pest or other issues you can’t see but that could profoundly impact your enjoyment of the home and potentially its value. Our team of qualified experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to inspecting homes, making sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with.
Get the full picture of a home before you buy
Understand any property’s true value
Uncover minor issues before they become major ones
Save yourself money in future repairs
Get leverage for negotiating with a vendor
What matters to you inspires what we do.

A few hundred dollars could potentially save you thousands

If a property is suffering from severe structural or pest issues, it will usually cost thousands of dollars to fix. It can also be disruptive, stressful and your home could even be unsafe without you knowing it. A proper building and pest inspection can put your mind at ease, making sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with before it’s too late.

Thorough and independent inspectors
Assessment of walls, roof and other structural issues
Detailed property report
Uncover termite damage
Testing for rodents and other pests
Discover any defects
Avoid expensive repairs
Put your concerns to rest
Simple claims management even in complex cases

One place for all your building and pest questions

What’s involved in building and pest inspections?

Building inspections can identify structural issues that can safeguard you from buying a property that will require major repairs in the future. They can also reveal smaller maintenance issues that aren’t necessarily a deal breaker, but can give you a little leverage in negotiating the sale price or terms of the contract.

Your building and pest report can also identify current pest infestations that need to be treated, or reveal historical infestations that indicate preventative measures you can implement to proactively protect your home.

What structural and pest issues do inspectors look for?

In building inspections, the inspector looks for major structural movement, where the property shows signs like cracking in brickwork, bulging walls inside the property, and cracks in masonry from encroaching tree roots, Major water penetration causing inadequate drainage, clogged guttering, broken pipes, corrosion, and mould and fungal activity are usually considered to be major issues. The inspector will also look for signs of decay and deterioration of support structures for the house, particularly the stumps under the house, bearers and joints, flooring, walls, and roof damage.

Pest inspections can identify termite (or white ant) infestation that causes structural damage, as well as infestation by rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, and silverfish that cause structural and health issues.

Do problems on building and pest reports mean you shouldn’t buy the property?

Sometimes building inspections reveal problems with the property, and sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether or not they’re acceptable. Issues can vary from common problems, like minor plumbing issues that can be resolved reasonably easily, to major structural problems, like subsidence and structural movement that requires major expenses like underpinning the house. Usually the report will indicate when the problem requires a major or minor intervention, but not necessarily an estimate of the cost involved. Major issues like structural movement, water problems and unhealthy mould levels are major concerns and potential indicators that you should abandon the sale.

Building and pest reports will indicate when a pest infestation goes beyond something treatable and is compromising the safety of the property. It will also reveal which pests are problematic for the property or its area.

Should I do a building and pest inspection?

Inspection reports don’t just identify issues with the property that need attending. In combination with a valuation, they are also useful in informing the sale price, and can assist in negotiations, or help to identify minor issues that will become problematic in the future, so you can plan how to resolve them and aren’t blindsided later.

If you’re buying a property, it’s not mandatory, but because overall purchase prices are much greater than the cost of building and pest inspections, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind in the biggest financial investment you’re likely to make in your life.

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