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Build the life you want with your own Coronis franchise

Being a business owner can often be the path to a more fulfilling and financially rewarding life. But it can also be a tough path to tread, especially in the early years when the hours can be long and the leads hard to come by. Starting a Coronis franchise – or growing your existing real estate business with us – gives you a headstart on the pack. From the moment you open the doors under the Coronis banner you’ll immediately hit the ground running. And from there, the possibilities will be endless.
What matters to you inspires what we do.

Everything you need to grow your business

We’ve developed our own industry-leading brand, so we understand just how challenging starting and growing a business can be. That’s why we aim to take the stress away – giving you all the advice and assistance, systems and support you need to succeed. Then, as your business grows, we stay with you every step of your journey, helping you capitalise on every opportunity and providing you with what you need to expand and flourish.

Focus on growth & profit
Multiple income streams
Business planning
Ongoing professional development
Access to national database
Full suite of marketing tools
Industry-leading tech
Real-time local support
Zero upfront costs

The perfect franchise model for you

Whether you are starting your first business, or wanting to grow and develop into a successful business like Coronis, we have the perfect model for you.
New to real estate
If you have limited real estate experience, click below to learn more about our available opportunities in office.
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Personal property management franchise
If you’re already working for someone else as a property manager, this model lets you successfully begin working for yourself.
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Personal sales franchise
If you’re already working in sales for another agent, this model will let you take control of your future
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Existing real estate sales business
If you have a sales-based business and want to build it into a more reliable, successful and secure asset, this is the franchise model for you.
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Existing property management business
If you already have a property management business, this model will help you take it to the next level, including the potential to add sales.
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Holiday/Short term rentals
This model lets you capitalise on AirBNB and other platforms to grow a business based on short-term rentals
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Ready to get started?

If you’d like to take control of your future with a Coronis personal franchise, or even if you have questions about what’s involved, get in touch now.

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