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Property management: the perfect franchise

Don’t have real estate experience, but love property and people? It’s where most of us started. A Coronis Personal Franchise involves building a property management business. Why Property Management? There are very few businesses where you’re paid on Christmas Day without a sale, and you get to build a sizable asset that’s as liquid as the sale of a property. 100 properties is an asset of approximately $500,000. Know 10 landlords? You’re already on the way. And when your clients wish to buy and sell, you can help them with this too, adding income streams to your business.
Grow a rent roll
Generate passive income
Build a saleable asset
Gain freedom and flexibility
Live the lifestyle you want
What matters to you inspires what we do.

Why Coronis franchise makes sense

Starting a new business without experience is a daunting task. But starting a new business is the right path if you have a burning desire to work for yourself. Starting a property management business with Coronis makes sense. We have built a rent roll 16 x bigger than the average, with more profit and the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. With 35 years under our belt, use our growth strategy, our efficient systems, our professional development and our proven tech to get you up. 

Industry-leading support
National database of 745,000 people
Latest software and IT systems
Training and advice
Digital and traditional marketing
Proven checklists and procedures
Social media presence
Keep more of your earnings
No upfront fees

Pricing – Sales


To access everything you need in our world class technology suite


Receive contracts, administration and trust accounting

Pricing – Property Management


To access everything you need in our world class technology suite

What our existing franchisees have achieved

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run a franchise with no real estate experience?

Absolutely. Successful property management is about relationships and communication, as well as systems, procedures and marketing. Many of the skills required to be an effective property manager you’ve probably already learned over the course of your career. We will help you quickly master most of the other skills and knowledge you’ll need with our industry-leading support, training and advice to guide you every step of the way.

Do I need to run the business myself?

Not necessarily. While it’s important that you understand how the business works, depending on your budget you don’t have to be involved in its day-to-day running. You may be able to hire an experienced property manager to take care of the business for you but you’ll need to factor this into your budgeting and it will impact your ‘break even’ point, as well as any profit you’ll make.

How long does it take from launch to yes?

All states and territories require property managers to be licensed, although the process for gaining a licence varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We can help you make sure you understand and obtain all appropriate licencing so that you can run your business effectively from the moment you open your doors. You’ll also need:

  • An ABN
  • A driver’s licence
  • A computer
  • A mobile phone
  • A reliable internet connection.

Do I need to rent office space?

Not at all. You can run a Coronis Personal franchise from anywhere you like, including your own home. That makes it the perfect flexible business to fit around other responsibilities.

How long does it take from yes to launch?

That largely depends on you. We find it usually takes most franchisees around two months from signing contracts to opening the doors of their new business. Often that’s because they need to give notice to their current employers, but sometimes it’s simply because they want to take a bit of time.

We have monthly start dates during which you’ll get to meet our other franchisees so that you can support each other while learning the ropes and grow together. After this, you’ll have eight days of intensive training spread over four weeks.

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