Coronis Refocuses Its Vision

August 11, 2018
| Coronis Realty

At Coronis, we take ordinary people and create extraordinary lives for them.

Our steadfast values, which were established by Theo Coronis all those years ago in the 1980s still form the foundation of what guides our extraordinary family today that makes buying, renting and selling easier for you.

However, things have changed for us recently. We have refocussed our Vision and as a result, our extraordinary family has a new-found energy.

We have re-evaluated what our Core Drivers are and what characteristics our team, who call themselves Coronians, must possess. We are doing whatever it takes to make buying, renting and selling easier for you.

Our Managing Director, Andrew Coronis says that together, our Vision, Values, Core Drivers and Coronian Characteristics create the business’ four pillars that will support our personal and professional growth.

“Our entire business is based on creating life-long relationships,” Mr Coronis said.  “We know that every individual interaction we have with a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, and fellow Coronian makes a difference.

“We’re now on the cusp of celebrating our 35th anniversary… for 35 years we’ve been helping the Brisbane community buy, rent and sell… how cool is that.

“It’s taken some time to create an extraordinary family, but we are here, we are a team and we create clients for life. That’s what is important to us – the people, not the transactions.”

“We significantly invest a lot into our team and their training so that they deliver world-class customer service to every client, which is evidenced by our industry-leading customer satisfaction scores and our training program winning the 2018 Training and Education Program at the REB Awards.

We invite you to take the time to read what we’re all about. We live and breathe our vision, values, core drives and characteristics of a Coronian.


We are an extraordinary family that makes buying, renting and selling easier for you.

Core Drivers:

  1. Create 1 perfect performing office (PPO) and multiply 500 times
  2. Attract, inspire and grow 5,000 ‘A Grade’ Coronians
  3. Innovate and create
  4. Inspire inspirational leaders who grow their lives and their team’s lives
  5. Nurture our clients for life
  6. Embrace the system – BFG


We are family, we are a team and live for our brand
We create clients for life
We take ownership, are prepared to sacrifice and determined to succeed
We create a fun life, rewarding career and financial freedom

Characteristics of a Coronian:

  1. Positive Expectancy – We have a positive optimistic outlook on life. We are good, kind-hearted people.
  2. Driven to Succeed – We love success. We are winners and are prepared to sacrifice. We give and receive tough love.
  3. Fun – We love what we do and have lots and lots of fun.
  4. Team Orientated – We help and support each other to success. What’s good for the team is good for us.
  5. Financial Freedom – We want financial freedom for ourselves and others.
  6. Healthy Mind Body and Spirit – We look after ourselves in all aspects of life so we can look after others. We have high self-esteem and look and act like we own the business.
  7. Continuous Improvement – We have a wealth of knowledge, but we are always striving to improve.
  8. We are the Brand – We are 100% full time advocates for the brand. We live it, breathe it and own it.
  9. Service Mindset – We provide amazing service to our clients, our teams and our community.
  10. Coachable and Take Ownership – We are always willing to be coached and take action.

If this sounds like you, we’d love you to join our extraordinary family. Simply click here to register your interest about a career at Coronis.

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