RESE 2021: Knowledge, Mindfulness and Wellness

June 9, 2021
| Alina Kuzminova

Coronis hosted The 2021 Real Estate Sales Event (RESE) conference after the event was postponed due to the pandemic restrictions in 2020, but it only helped centre the conference around team values of sustainability, winning, inclusivity and integrity.

Coronis Chief Operating Officer Karuna Dimelow said how important it was to organise the conference with a holistic approach and focus it around self-growth not only to help their team progress through their careers but in all aspects of their lives.

“I think we have really outdone ourselves this time around with RESE this year,” Ms Dimelow said. “There was a lot of love and care put in, and I think everyone on the team could feel and see it.”

“It was very important to centre the conference around our team values of sustainability, winning, inclusivity and integrity as we’ve experienced a lot of positive changes within our business in the past year.

“We had a unique approach to the speaker line up this year as we wanted to amplify each of our values and help set up our team for success with a lot of useful takeaways, practical industry insights, and mindfulness tips.

“Starting with mindfulness tips and inspiration from Julie Cross and Leanne Pilkington, goal setting and commitment to ourselves from Mary Lemonis and Matt Swift, to a practical approach to wellness from Wholesome Bellies, and Reuben Aiono.

“In these sessions, our team got an insight into what they can do to set themselves up for success starting from their why and motivation through to breathing techniques and healthy food to fuel them through their success.

“This followed by industry tips and current market insights from Phil Harris, Tony O’Doherty, and Matt Lancashire, social media and marketing trends from Tara Christianson and Josh Cobb along with practical tips to film a perfect video on a smartphone from Xavier Rousset will help our team get ahead in their career journey.

“I’ve heard amazing feedback from our team who were excited to be at the conference and I think The Calile Hotel was the perfect location that aligned with our goals and values.

“It was all in the details. From the stunning stage styling from The Ginger Stylist that provided a welcoming warm atmosphere for our team and our guests to the homey plant arrangement from The Good Plant Co.

“Not only all of this lifted the feel of the room but opened up new options for our team to use new services for property styling and more sustainable settlement gift options in form of live plants.

“RESE was an absolute success, and I can’t wait to see how our team incorporates their takeaways to change their lives for the better.”

Special thanks to RESE’s major sponsor REA Group who helped make this event happen. 

Alina Kuzminova
Article by Alina Kuzminova
From travelling the world to delving into the communications industry, Alina joined Coronis and the real estate industry in 2019. By the time Alina turned 21, she has lived in four countries by herself, exploring the possibilities our world has…
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