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The first thing you will notice is that we take the time to understand your needs by developing a referral partnership detailed to uniquely assist your clients. Our on boarding team are supported with innovative, automated technology and key account managers to ensure they are available to you when you need them.

  • Number of clients helped: 8,000+
  • Customer Satisfaction Score: +44
  • Average Days Vacant: 8

I'll Look After You

Salina began her real estate career at a young age and has over the past 34 years demonstrated a history of delivering successful outcomes for investor clients. Her skill in property management, team management, leadership and negotiation along with her extensive relationship & customer/client serviceability sees her successfully working with referrer and joint venture partners, specialising in portfolio property investing and asset management.

She maintains a strong business development focus in the property investment arena with full real estate agents licenses in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Her networking skills within the investment selling markets across Australia are well recognised and her strong connections with investors, builders and developers see her well respected as an industry professional.

Salina’s ability to deliver a superior professional property management service and lead a dynamic team is one of her most accomplished strengths. She has extensive knowledge in identifying “investment hot spots” in residential property markets across Australia which assists her partners and their clients on their investment property journey.

Her relationships with industry experts is beneficial for everyone and an integral part of her national role at Coronis.

Salina Kachel
National Manager
Strategic Partnerships & Relationships
0427 784 583

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