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Because we know that property investment can be a serious business, the team of expert mortgage brokers at Coronis will skillfully navigate the market to find the best investment property loans in Australia and tailor them to your unique financial needs. We can help to structure a lucrative financial arrangement to suit your portfolio and capacity, helping you to get the best performance from your properties and to transform your investment into a rewarding and fruitful way of life.

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Can I buy my next property with a self-managed super fund (SMSF)?

An SMSF is a superannuation fund that you manage yourself. These funds can be used to buy an investment property, which will be rented out and then eventually sold when you’re ready to fund your retirement.

SMSFs are a good option for many Australians, but there are strict criteria involved, so you’ll need to consult an expert before you decide to go ahead. Coronis Finance has in-house financial planners that will be happy to assist you with all your SMSF enquiries, including initial setup, ongoing management, and investment property purchases.

What should I know about buying an investment property?

When you’re planning on property investment in Australia, there are a lot of factors to consider in managing your unique financial needs. To maximise your investment returns, you’ll need to make decisions about where you’re buying, whether you’re buying a house or a unit, and whether you’re going to manage it yourself or use an agent. There are pros and cons offsetting each other within every decision about buying an investment property, particularly around the cost, rental returns, body corporate fees, and management fees.
Working through these options with a highly skilled and experienced mortgage broker in Australia who understands the local market will help you make the right decisions. Your personal investment broker at Coronis will craft the right strategy for your circumstances, and find you the right lender, interest rates, and repayment terms to suit your capacity and to get the best out of your investment.

Is it difficult applying for an investment property loan in Australia?

There are stricter lending criteria against investment loans, so it’s advisable to have a skilled investment property broker. In Australia, navigating the unique topography of our local property market can be a challenge, which is why Coronis will select a personal broker for you who can guide you to the right lender and financial product for your needs.
Your personal financial circumstances will determine how much or how little time and documentation is required to secure you an investor loan. But regardless of how complex the process is, your specialist investment broker at Coronis will support you throughout the process of finding a lender, negotiating the terms, and securing the loan, and you can be confident that your portfolio is in safe hands.

What are the benefits of investing in property?

Property investment remains a preferred method for Australians seeking to build long-term personal wealth. Unlike other forms of investment (such as the stock market), the property market in Australia is considered to be fairly stable, so long-term growth is highly likely. Additionally, investing in property for rent can deliver a consistent income stream in the form of rental payments, making it easier to manage the cost of the investment. Property investment in Australia can also deliver certain tax benefits, enabling investors to claim certain expenses as tax deductions (such as insurance, rates and property management fees).

How much does it cost to own an investment property?

For property investments, Australia’s loan fees and charges are much the same as those for a primary place of residence. They include fees for loan establishment, conveyancing, stamp duty, and building and pest inspections. If you’re planning to rent the property out through a real estate agency, you’ll also need to budget for advertising and property management fees.
In Australia, property investment also affects your tax. An investment property will be classed as being either positively geared or negatively geared: positive gearing is defined as when the income you receive from the investment property is more than your deductions (interest payable on the loan, depreciation, cost of ongoing maintenance, etc.), and the income from your investment property may be taxed; negative gearing is when the income from your investment property is less than your expenses, and you may be eligible to claim a tax benefit.

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