Jodi Ford

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Jodi Ford

Property Management Director

Jodi Ford has dedicated her entire career to property management and servicing the needs of Australian landlords, clients and the wider industry.

Having commenced her property management career in the 1990s, there is not much that she doesn’t know about investment properties & how to manage them, customer service, wealth creation strategies, client communication and property legislation.

As the very first property manager at Coronis in 2001, she has built the company’s rent roll to more than 7500 managements and grown the property management team to more than 60 full time employees who boast an industry leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +65.

Jodi has achieved all of this with a clear vision – it’s not just about looking after a property, it’s about looking after every client, and their financial future. With this in mind, she is committed to delivering a tailored training program for every Coronis property manager that focuses on yield, return on investment, depreciation and the difference between maintenance and maintaining a property for future growth and wealth advancement so that her team deliver the best service in the industry.

Jodi's leadership and loyalty have endeared her to the entire team at the Coronis Group and she continues to lead by example when it comes to customer service and fast, clear communication.

It is for these reasons she was recognised at the 2018 Leading Property Managers Association Awards as Leader of the Year while the entire Coronis Property Management team were awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Award in addition to Property Management Business of the Year at the 2017 REB Awards.