Jodi Ford

Internal email

Jodi Ford

Property Management Director

One would think that receiving complaints from sometimes irate tenants about faulty hot water systems or blocked toilets would not be the job that attracts many people. However, Jodi has been a property manager for her entire working life and there is not one challenge that she has not overcome in her 25 odd years in the industry.

From her position as property manager, Jodi has now progressed to Team Leader of one of the largest property management portfolios in Brisbane. In a very short period of time, Jodi has molded the people in her Department into a formidable team dedicated to providing the very best service to all our Landlords and Tenants.

Jodi's leadership and loyalty have endeared her to the entire staff of the Coronis Group and she continues to provide a wonderful example of the Client Care Culture that sets us apart from others.

She was recently recognised at the 2018 Leading Property Managers Association Awards as Leader of the Year while the entire Coronis Property Management team were awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Award for their commitment and focus on delivering world class customer service.