Coronis Goes Green for Earth Day

April 22, 2021
| Elaine Conroy

As part of their commitment to a sustainable future, the Coronis Group has launched their three phase Go Green Initiative on Earth Day.

Chief Operating Officer Karuna Dimelow said the initiative had been in the works for some time, but the company had really focused on the project in 2021 with the goal of launching specifically on 22 April.

“Earth Day is a momentous day every year with major environmental events taking place all over the world, which has subsequently shone a spotlight on climate change and the broad global movement to protect our planet,” Ms Dimelow said.

“I personally think that it’s been the catalyst for some really cool initiatives such as the launch of A Billion Acts of Green in 2012, which highlights the many ways individuals can make a difference and to date, it’s inspired more than 3 billion acts of green.

“One of our company’s core values is sustainability, therefore we’ve focused on how we can operate in a more environmentally friendly manner and make a difference by increasing our acts of green.

“From analysing our business practices, we identified 12 immediate changes we could make across the business to improve our environmental performance including:

  • Overhauling our wastage operations by incorporating soft plastics, paper and rubbish bins in every Hub
  • Creating collection points in our Hubs for cans and bottles for our team members who participate in the Containers for Change program
  • Incorporating recycling bins in our kitchens for used Nespresso pods and eradicating single use water bottles, which are two of the biggest contributors to land fill
  • Installing aerators in all our taps and slow running toilets to reduce water wastage
  • Overhauling our procurement policy so that we’re only purchasing environmentally friendly products such as stationary, paper and cleaning products
  • Recycling all broken electronics and ensuring all lights and electronics are switched off every night

“We’ve completely phase one, with phase two focusing on reducing our paper usage and overhauling our printed marketing suite while phase three is more long term with the goal of installing solar panels, car charging stations and water tanks at our Hub buildings.

“We want to be part of the change and do our part as responsible corporate citizens to protect the planet and make it a sustainable environment for the future generations.

“I think if everyone looks at their business practices with a green tinged microscope, that they might be surprised at what they find and what they can change.

“Green businesses are the way of the future, and I believe that the next generation that is entering the workforce now not only expects businesses to have an environmental policy and practices in place, but they are demanding it from their employers.”



Elaine Conroy
Article by Elaine Conroy
Elaine is a strategic communications professional with extensive experience in corporate and consumer PR and communications across a variety of industries including racing, major events and real estate. As the Communications Manager, she leads Coronis’ communication and content marketing plan…
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