Major Independent of the Year, Coronis, expands into Victoria

July 2, 2020
| Elaine Conroy

The Coronis Group is one step closer to realizing their goal of expanding nationwide with the addition of two new Coronis Now partners in Victoria.

Coronis Now Director, Jodie Stainton, who was nominated for Innovator of the Year at the recent REB Awards said in the past 12 months, the brand which started in Brisbane 36 years ago, had expanded into Western Australia, North Queensland, New South Wales and now Victoria.

“I’m over the moon to welcome Lia Lagielka to the Coronis team. Not only is she launching the Coronis brand in Victoria, but she already has an existing portfolio of over 100 properties that she has built herself, meaning collectively our Coronis Now partners now manage more than 400 properties together which is a really exciting milestone for us.

“We now have 24 Coronis partners working throughout Australia who are building their own business and asset but are supported by the Coronis engine in terms of their marketing, CRM and operating systems.

“We’re now working towards our next milestone of 60 partners and 1000 properties under management within the next 12 months. I am surrounded by so many inspirational and motivated people who are changing up the real estate industry and it makes me so proud.

“I’m also really excited to announce Joy Robertson, who has been a property manager for more than 10 years, has chosen Coronis to launch her own business in Victoria and join our community of Coronis Now partners.

“Both of these women pride themselves on delivering quality customer service to both their landlords and tenants and by partnering with Coronis, they can control all their client’s experiences which is the beauty about our model.

“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in providing property management and sales professionals with a platform to build their worth on their terms, and Lia and Joy will definitely add great value to our community so a big welcome to the both of them!”

Ms Jagielka said the flexible hours and ability to live the lifestyle she wanted was what attracted her to build her own business, but it was the Coronis Now platform which would see her reduce her overheards,  the community and vision that attracted her to Coronis.

“Going out on your own is definitely challenging, but extremely rewarding,” she said. “Coronis provides this extra pillar of support for independent business owners with training to help grow your business.

“As a business owner, I’m thrilled to join their venture not only to grow professionally but to help grow the Coronis brand in Victoria as well.

“I’ve been working in all facets of the real estate industry for the past 20 years, from reception through to managing offices, and three years ago I decided to open my own property management business working from home.

“Right now, the real estate industry is changing, with everything transitioning to remote working and paperless processes, which is exciting, and I believe more businesses should take advantage of that.”

Elaine Conroy
Article by Elaine Conroy
Elaine is a strategic communications professional with extensive experience in corporate and consumer PR and communications across a variety of industries including racing, major events and real estate. As the Communications Manager, she leads Coronis’ communication and content marketing plan…
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