One Coronis. Many Solutions.

September 10, 2021

Say Goodbye to Coronis Realty as you know it and get ready to say Hello to the new Coronis which we believe is the way of our future.

Our journey started in 1984 when Theo Coronis bought an independent real estate agency in Stafford, Brisbane. In 1999, along with his son Andrew, they rebranded the agency to Coronis Realty with a hand full of sales agents on the team. In 2013, Coronis grew into an end-to-end real estate group offering sales, rentals, home loans and conveyancing which was when the ‘big yellow C’ was born. Now it was time for change as our company evolved into so much more and we wanted a fresh new look to reflect our holistic approach to making our clients lives easier.

‘The Big C’ quickly became a pivotal part of our brand and has worked as a strong identifier for our team and our listings. It is very special to us because of what it represents. When we first launched ‘The C’, we based the design on a map pin, which when used in context on a map, represents home, a destination, and illustrates the journey to that destination.

The ‘C’ you see today has been rejuvenated and revitalised in teal, in the same way, our vision has been rejuvenated to deliver a holistic experience for our clients. Known for clarity of thought, renewal and a desire to not ‘fit in with the crowd’, the colour teal was the perfect choice for our team as we embark on our new chapter. Our team is passionate about delivering a shared proposition to an array of varied customer’s needs.

We’re not a set of different businesses sharing one logo. We’re a genuine real estate company. One team. One brand. One unifying idea. It’s because we think differently that we’re changing the lives of our team and our clients. On our new website you can explore the range of services our team is offering no matter what where you are at on your property journey.

One Coronis. Many Solutions.

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