Nick Giles

Nick Giles

Coronis Principal

As a landlord himself, Nick cares deeply about educating, assisting and enabling investors to both provide for the future of their families and contribute positively to housing excellent tenancies.

Since 2003 Nick has worked within the property sector, combining years of residential real estate investment experience with direct business development expertise and in-depth knowledge of the commercial and retail sectors. He's been nominated for and won multiple industry awards through excellence in business development, featuring at national conferences and on industry podcasts discussing how empathy, integrity, authenticity and high expertise are keys to earning the trust of investors and tenants. Nick has led sales, leasing and business development teams, served as a chamber of commerce director and serves currently as a Principal for his own business and NSW Director for Coronis.

Nick has been a strong advocate for rising standards in the real estate industry. "Coronis provides a wonderful platform for individual property managers to become business owners, providing boutique services to investors. With the buck stopping with the business owner and not an employee, as is usually the case, the model leads to better standards for clients and better outcomes for property management professionals."