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About Coronis Property Management 

With 27 offices located across Brisbane, Toowoomba, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, Coronis is Queensland’s largest, wholly-owned property services group. The Coronis property management team is directed by Jodi Ford, Property Management Leader of the Year (LPMA Awards 2018) who is well-known for her aspiring vision and dedication to her team.

Bringing a wealth of property management experience to all aspects of her professional work, Ms. Ford successfully leads a team of 70+ property managers whom all work together to deliver efficient and premium service for every client, which is where we differ to our competitors. Instead of one person listing a property for rent, installing the signage, creating the marketing campaign and managing every aspect, we have a support team who manages each step of the process, so our property managers can devote their time to finding qualified tenants in the shortest time possible. 

Our Culture

Coronis prides themselves on company culture, implementing a number of elements which form a healthy, supportive culture that we are very proud of.

In the past year, the Coronis property management team have had the opportunity to participate in:

  • A weekend away to Tangalooma Island
  • Camping trips to Mount Tamborine
  • Team lunches and dinners
  • Spa days with high performing property managers
  • Seminar tickets for those delivering excellent customer service.

All this, in addition to the company events the team attend every quarter, including Bowls Day, Melbourne Cup, Recharge Breakfast, and our Annual Awards night - a black-tie gala and the social highlight of the year for the entire team.


At Coronis, our commitment to providing support is a priority. The property management leadership team hold one-on-ones with each Property Manager, host weekly team meetings and travel between each office so everyone feels supported in their roles. Furthermore, our central HQ team of accounts, marketing, drivers, relief workers and rental area coordinators provide an additional layer of support for the team to rely on.

To encourage our team to grow and achieve their goals sooner, Coronis hosts a number of initiatives throughout the year such as Rev Up - where $10,000 in prize money is given to the highest achiever in the Property Management team for the last quarter of each year, Coronis Cup - which is a team competition to encourage collaboration and referrals in the offices where they win a team lunch anywhere of their choice and Centurion Club - which is in its second year and provides the opportunity for an overseas trip away.


Coronis was built on experience, market knowledge and quality advice. More than 30 years later, we still pride ourselves on our team’s knowledge, work ethic and customer service but have an innovative approach to using digital marketing to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy population.

In the past 2 years, the Coronis Property Management team have implemented PM Assist, Inspect Real Estate and Customer Monitor in addition to developing a tenant app with Our Tradie. This technology has helped the Property Management team deliver a more personalised customer service to each of our landlords and tenants by reducing the time spent on menial tasks such as arrears and maintenance requests. 

Customer Service

Since Coronis implemented Customer Monitor, the property management team have achieved a 40-point increase in our Net Promoter Score, now sitting at +23, compared to the industry average of -29 (Australia NPS Benchmarking Report – February 2017). Whilst some of the original feedback was confronting, we actively use it to upskill our team through in-house training days and by sending them to our Innovation Series featuring mentors such as Cynthia Morton, Sonia McDonald and Keith Abrahams. Key areas of improvement that we have addressed are re-letting, the vacating process and communication. As a result, the Coronis Property Management team was named Best in Customer Service at the LPMA Awards 2018.

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