Making buying, renting and selling easier for you

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With premium personal service, a knowledgeable property management team that deliver insights, proactive communication and services for investors at every stage, Coronis makes buying, renting and selling easier for you. 

Why choose Coronis?

  • Expert, Knowledgeable Team: Specialists in the Queensland real estate market, informed on industry legislation and industry trends, our experienced team rents 16 times the average agency in Australia. We have been acknowledged for this expertise by several industry bodies, including the LPMA who awarded us the coveted 2018 Excellence in Customer Service Award.
  • Premium Service and Support: Whether you are new to investing in property or a landlord with a few properties already in your portfolio, your tailored Coronis Care Plan reflects your needs. Enjoy our support and insights that will make all the difference between a seamless property investor experience or constant challenges.
  • Accessible and transparent: Our landlord app is easy to use and has all your property details at the click of a button – from financial information and updates to inspection reports. Convenient and accessible whenever you want, 24/7.
  • Optimise your investment: From the best time to place your property on the market, rental yield strategies, skilled tenant selection and professional marketing campaigns that display your property’s best features, you will enjoy the best care and attention to every detail from our team.

Here's how our numbers stack up

  • Our current customer satisfaction score: +39 (45 points ahead of the industry average of -6)
  • Average time to relet a property: 10 days
  • The average time our Senior Property Managers have worked with us: 4.5 years
  • Current tenants up to date with payment: 96.3% (across 20,000 tenants, that’s 19,260 awesome tenants)

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