Rohan Dove

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Rohan Dove

Business Development Manager
Coronis Bracken Ridge

Premium Agent


Born and Raised on the north side of Brisbane and dealing with the housing industry for over 8 years now Rohan truly understands the fundamentals from the ground up already being a qualified carpenter he knows what it takes to connect with his clients on an interpersonal level. This allowing him to cultivate excellent communication skills.

Rohan understands the meaning of customer service and dealing with peoples biggest assets being there home/investment property and how to get the best possible price for it. Whilst also being able share professional advice from renovations, home improvements to the market place and rental prices through extensive market analysis and sales experience.

Keeping in mind immaculate personal presentation approachable personality and hard working attitude is the key to success in this role, no job being to big or small for this Business development manager and will spear head any task his approached with and go above beyond for his clients and there portfolio.