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Coronis is committed to best practice and compliance in the industry, but we’re also passionate about doing what we can to look after people. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading smoke alarm specialists to help protect our homeowners and tenants from the catastrophic effect of housefires.

Our people are our priority, which is why we’re serious about mitigating the risks of loss of life, morbid injury, and property damage from fire. We’ve put in place sound and hassle-free smoke alarm solutions across installing, managing, and assessing your units against relevant compliance audits, and we’re ready at any time to bring you and your people under our protective arm.

Simple, seamless, pain-free installation
Assessment, installation, replacement, and management
Compliance with legislation and regulation
Protection against property damage
Protection against serious injury and fatality
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One simple way to protect your property

At Coronis, we care about our people in many ways. Housefires can have a devastating financial effect on the wellbeing of property owners, which is why we work with the best skilled and experienced provides to install, certify, maintain and repair your property’s smoke alarms. We’re committed not only to the safety of your people, but also to protecting your investment.

Our smoke alarm fees and packages

Coronis’s team of specialists support sellers, owners, and buyers with professional smoke alarms installation and maintenance.

For Sellers

If you’re a seller needing to comply with the new legislation, we can help you with our suite of smoke alarm solutions to support your sale.

Compliance Certificate one-off $90 Upgrade Smoke Alarms From
$119* per alarm
A valid smoke alarm compliance certificate is required prior to settlement contract date from January 1 2022. You may be required to install additional smoke alarms to become compliant.

For Rental Owners

If you’re a rental owner, we can also support your investment with ongoing management, so you can rest assured that you’re compliant and your tenants are protected at all times.

Package Inclusions Essential Package $99 p/a Premium Package $129 p/a
New Properties or properties with substantial renovations that have building approvals after 1st January 2017.
Qld Properties being leased or existing lease renewed from 1st January 2022
Unlimited smoke alarm compliance inspections
Fixed Quote price for replacement or installation of hardwired or 10 year lithium battery, interconnected alarms as per legislation requirements before 1st January 2022 (The current additional price is $225 per alarm supplied and installed)
Five-year warranty on any smoke alarm replaced or installed by APM to comply with new legislation
Unlimited battery replacement
Comprehensive compliance report including photos
Cleaning of the alarm
Verification of expiry dates
FREE^ smoke alarms
Unlimited smoke alarm compliance inspections
Replace any alarms that are faulty or expired
Check alarms for audible notification
Check all alarms for visual indicators
Relocate any battery-operated alarms to meet compliance
Confirm safety switch is on site
Blind Cord Compliance Check Available

Got questions? We have answers

Do I need to install or replace smoke alarms in my property?

Yes. If you’re a rental property owner, you’re required by law to replace old smoke alarms. Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms are now mandatory, because of their increased safety benefits: when one unit alarms, the other units alarm, giving residents extra time to escape.

Owner-occupiers must replace all alarms that don’t work or are more than ten years old. While there are a few years until you’re required to have documented compliance, you will need to replace your alarms with interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in your properties. The protective benefits are so much greater than the cost of the alarms that there’s no reason to wait.

What is a photoelectric smoke alarm?

The new law encompasses photoelectric smoke alarm installation. Also known as an optical or photo-optical smoke alarm, photoelectric alarms are better able to detect more kinds of fires, like smouldering fires. They work by ‘seeing’ combustion particles which then start the smoke alarm beeping. Photoelectric smoke alarms are less prone to false alarms, and are better at alerting occupants to fire sooner to give them more time to escape.

The new laws also provide for certain types of battery. For smoke alarm systems that are hardwired, they must be connected with 240V; otherwise, they must be powered with a ten-year lithium battery.

Do my smoke alarms need to be tested?

Landlords need to test and clean each smoke alarm in the dwelling 30 days before the start of a tenancy in a domestic dwelling, and ensure that each alarm is tested and cleaned once every twelve months.

While you don’t need to be a qualified or licenced to manage your smoke alarms, testing and cleaning by professionals can provide certificates of compliance for maintenance that uphold your professional reputation as a rental owner, and support your sale if you’re a seller.

How do I comply with smoke alarm regulations?

Failure to take every practical step to ensure the safety of your tenants and property may result in the dismissal of insurance claims for damage, personal injury or loss of life.

Your obligations involve keeping each smoke alarm hardwired with 240V or powered with a ten-year lithium battery, ensuring they’re interconnected, and testing and cleaning them every twelve months. If you’re unsure whether your smoke alarm systems are installed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards, or that your documentation is properly lodged and certified, it’s best to rely on professional management that’s available through Coronis.

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