Styling Your Property For Sale

How you present your property for sale could be the difference between achieving your asking price or $15,000 more. Even the most astute investor will be encouraged by a well presented property as they will be stimulated by what they see, feel and hear. If a potential buyer sees neglect, they will imagine the worst. However if they see a beautifully presented home, they may even overlook any disadvantages. We’re not saying spend a fortune and renovate, however there are a few tricks of the trade that you can use to maximize the potential of your property including:


  • Remove all rubbish inside and out - Clear out any clutter or oversized furniture
  • Air out the property to remove any animal odours, cigarette or strong food smells
  • Tidy up overgrown gardens and lawns
  • Engage a property styling company such as Styled By Me, who will help you maximize the space and layout of your property by styling it with rental furniture and homewares.


Watch the below video from Sales Director, Craig Gilles, and find out how you can style your property: