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Coronis has the largest rent roll in Queensland with more than 7,500 properties under our management worth approximately $2.7 billion in property value. At Coronis, we don’t just sign on a tenant and forget about them. We offer premium customer service throughout each of our tenant’s property journey – whether that is moving through a variety of rentals to suit the different stages of life, or bettering your financial position through buying. If you have any questions, your first point of contact should always be your property manager as they are there to assist you with every detail of the rental process.

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Coronis Concierge

Upon moving into your new rental property, you will need to connect the utility services, which could include water, gas, electricity, pay TV etc. Moving is stressful enough, therefore let the Coronis Concierge take care of the connections for you. All you will need to do is advise your Property Manager that you would like to use the complimentary service, fill in the form and we’ll take care of the rest for you.


Property Maintenance

At Coronis, our tenant’s comfort in their rental property is of the utmost importance to us, as we like to service every piece of the property puzzle. Therefore, if anything operational needs repairing – such as blocked drains, broken lights, power points, oven or stovetop elements or you’re having issues with water, electricity or gas not working, please contact your Property Manager or Click Here to submit and track your maintenance progress online.

If you are unable to submit your Maintenance Request online, please complete our Maintenance Request Form and email it to info@coronis.com.au with your name and the address of the property included.


Lock Out's

If you lock yourself out of your property during office hours, you can collect our office set of keys upon presentation of photo identity. Please note we are not able to give keys to anyone who is not on the lease or not listed as an approved occupant. All lost keys are the responsibility of the tenant.

Outside of office hours, tenants will need to contact a locksmith for access at their own expense. Should the locksmith need to replace the locks, a new set of keys will need to be provided to Coronis within 48 hours. 


Search For A Rental

Search the Coronis rental property options and find a new home that will match either your housemates or family needs.

Once you have found that new property, download and fill out the Tenant Application Form or apply online using 1Form.


Financial Planning

Our Property Managers want to look after our tenants through their entire property journey, including when they wish to better their financial situation and purchase a house. If you are at this stage, ask your Property Manager how Coronis can help you establish a financial plan attain security or enter the property market. As an end-to-end property based business, we’re here to help you achieve your real estate dreams.


Ending A Tenancy Contract

Vacating at End of Fixed Lease Agreement Date

For tenants who are vacating the property at the end of the lease, and do not wish to resign, 14 days written notice is required. Tenants are required to submit the Intention to Leave Form and pay rent up to and including vacation date.

Breaking Agreement Prior to Fixed Lease Agreement End Date

If a tenant wishes to break their lease, 14 days written notice is required. Tenants are required to submit the Intention to Leave Form and sign the Break Lease Agreement, which needs to be signed by all tenants agreeing to the below conditions:

  • Rent is to be paid until the time a new tenant takes possession of the property
  • A break lease fee (one week’s rent plus GST)
  • A smoke alarm inspection fee of $79
  • Marketing and advertising expenses incurred

Tenants are required to have all carpets within the rental property professionally steam cleaned upon vacating.