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Theo Coronis


Theo has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1973 when sometimes property was sold on the shake of a hand. Whilst succeeding beaurocrats have taken great delight in making what is basically a simple transaction into a paper war, the pleasure of satisfying the needs of buyers and sellers has always been a most rewarding experience. In the 33 years since commencing his new career, Theo has progressed from salesman to Agency Principal to his new role as 'the wise old owl', a position more suited to his shape and experience. "I can recommend the Real Estate industry to any person wishing to achieve a personal fulfillment that is rarely available to ordinary people like me."

With offices across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast which incorporate teams of Finance Specialists and Financial Planners as well as a Training Centre, Coronis is changing the way people buy, sell and finance property by being the first and best wholly owned �end-to-end� property based business.

This will be done by truly �caring� for our clients needs.

In any property transaction a chain of events is triggered which are not currently serviced by the industry. Coronis is providing solutions for taking people from their initial real estate dream to meeting their eventual goal of financial security.

The Coronis group works closely as a combined team to provide clients with comprehensive service to Property Sales and Rentals, Finance, Financial Planning, an RTO and Maintenance Company.