Thinking of Selling?


Coronis is Australia's first and only, wholly owned end-to-end property services group. This means that you can find a home loan, a new property, organise your conveyancing and so much more all within our business.

As a wholly owned business, we list more property than any other real estate agency in Australia. We talk to more buyers, more sellers and more people than anybody else on a weekly basis, opening your property up to a greater number of potential buyers.

Coronis' sales team are unparalleled when it comes to getting you results.  We've specifically partnered with Diakrit, to deliver our clients affordable, world class marketing solutions, which means on average, we sell at a quicker rate and higher price than any other sales team. 

But what really sets us apart more than anything is our customer service. Our team care about their customers and go the extra mile, every single time and are fully transparent about our dealings. For instance you can find an agent right here on this website and give them a star rating, publicly displayed for the world to see. We back our agents and they back themselves. We don't hide from challenges and that means you get the best service every single time.

Simply fill in the form to arrange an appraisal or to speak to your local Sales Specialist.