2021 New Year Resolutions Made Eco-friendly

January 5, 2021
| Alina Kuzminova

Start the year off with these five easy eco-resolutions to help reduce your environmental footprint.

1. Become more energy efficient 

The good news for the Sunshine State is that now 20% of our electricity is supplied from renewable energy resources. However, there’s still more that you can do to minimise your energy use. A good place to start is switching off all electronic devices that are not in use and upgrading lightbulbs in your home to LED bulbs. If you’re in a position to do so, invest in solar panels and a battery for your home using the government incentive schemes on offer. 

2. Be water smart

Installing a tank to collect rainwater will not only help you be more water smart, but it will help you save your water bill if you’re a homeowner or a tenant with an individually metred property. Other ways you can be more water smart include making sure your time in the shower is no longer than four minutes, ensuring all taps are turned off when not in use, fixing any leaking taps or installing a low-flow showerhead. For the avid lawn admirer (who lives in a house), try hooking a hose up to your washing machine and using the grey water to water your lawn.

3. Use more natural products

The great news is that eco-friendly products are becoming more widely available than ever before. They can even be easily spotted at your local Coles or Woolies, so next time you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, make sure to check them out. These products are usually labelled ‘eco-friendly’, ‘biodegradable’, or ‘non-toxic’. 

4. Reduce plastic use 

Plastic pollution is a major global issue and can be harmful to our environment. This year, try to opt-in for items like reusable bags for your grocery shopping, swap out plastic sandwich wraps for biodegradable packaging or reusable containers, get yourself a reusable cup and water bottle. Hate paper straws… why not make 2021 the year you invest in some stainless steel straws to keep in your handbag or car?

5. Recycle 

Recycling is probably the most important item on this list and is in itself is a larger topic than this article. To help with your recycling goals, you can start upcycling or rehoming belongings you don’t use by donating them to charity. Brisbane City Council is already providing and collecting the recycling bin for your household. Make sure you’re filling it up correctly with this helpful guide. There’s also Containers for Change that can help you get into the recycling groove by paying you 10c for each eligible drinking container.

This is an important topic to discuss, and all of us could do better to help our planet.

Even small adjustments like this will make a big difference if more of us start doing it.



Alina Kuzminova
Article by Alina Kuzminova
From travelling the world to delving into the communications industry, Alina joined Coronis and the real estate industry in 2019. By the time Alina turned 21, she has lived in four countries by herself, exploring the possibilities our world has…
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